The passion of Wanderlust


The pretty brunette exhales atop the mountain range. Slender fingers sling her backpack down in the snow. Brown eyes sparkle as she beholds the splendid view. She laughs and lifts her hands to heaven.

She is my sister. Single, 30-something year old world traveller. By day, a child protection counsellor with two degrees to her name. A few weeks a year, wanderlust is her passion.

Michelle was 23 when she took her first overseas trip from native Australia to Canada. She started in Toronto, Ontario, and spent 12 months on a working holiday visa in the States and North America. Michelle caught the travel bug.

Her adventures have taken her from safari in Africa, to the beauty of Europe and the wilds of the Amazon jungle.

Look her up on Facebook and you will read, “Just returned from the holiday of a lifetime! The world is an amazing place.”

Michelle grew up as a tomboy on a sheep and wheat farm in central New South Wales, Australia. She adored Dad and would often be found mustering mobs of sheep on a motorbike, or shooting rabbits with a 22 calibre rifle. After finishing school, she spent her gap year undertaking a rural traineeship on the family farm.

With a heart for kids, particularly troubled youths, she spent time working in a juvenile detention centre. Her first university degree was in early childhood teaching; her second social work.

She has a beautiful heart, crafted by her heavenly Father. Since the age of nine, she has called Jesus Lord. Michelle has always attended church, served on various teams, led Bible studies and drawn her friends into fellowship. She is pure in body and spirit. A true princess daughter of the King.

For her first mission trip, Michelle worked in Watoto baby home in Kampala, Uganda’s capital city. She was assigned to the “Hippo Room”, caring for 12 month old babies. The little boys and girls came from hospitals where mothers gave birth and left, or were brought in off the streets and from garbage dumps by police. Many had HIV.

Photos of Michelle from this time show my white sister sitting down on the ground, and half a dozen black babies lying on her drinking milk from bottles. Michelle’s smile is radiant. I think God smiles when He thinks of that time.

More recently, Michelle spent five weeks in South America. On her single wage and with a house mortgage, she sponsors five children. She visited three on her trip; Lisandro in San Salvador, Juan in Managua and Pedro in Guayaquil. They were blessed during this time with her presence, and the Nike soccer balls she gave them. Not to mention the finances and letters she has sent over the years. They are her spiritual sons.

Picture a beautiful woman with a listening ear and wise counsel. A thoughtful, compassionate friend. Hear a lovely soprano singing voice worshipping God. A mighty intercessor praying for her clients.

Watch as she jumps out of a plane, skydiving over an aqua ocean. Plummets down raging rapids in a white water raft. Treks through forests, perspiration beading under her cap.

The pretty brunette exhales atop the mountain range. Slender fingers sling her backpack down in the snow. Brown eyes sparkle as she beholds the splendid view. She laughs and lifts her hands to heaven.

“Ask of me, and I will give you the nations as your inheritance, and the uttermost parts of the earth as your possession.” Psalm 2:8

Nicki Jeffery – is an Aussie country girl who has travelled the world and now lives at the beach. Her passions are teaching, writing, and caring for her husband and sons, and she is a member of Faithwriters. Her first book, “Faith-based Travels: A Devotional Guidebook for the Faith-filled Traveller”, was written to help Christians stay close to God whilst travelling.



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